Spycatcher by Matthew Dunn

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Series: Will Cochrane (1st)

From : Relentless action that crisscrosses the globe is fairly standard fare in thrillers these days, so if a book is to stand out it has to do so largely on the basis of its lead character. Unfortunately, Will Cochrane is almost too perfect, a nearly flaw-free character that needs a fault or two to make him more approachable to the reader.

Synopsis (from the publisher): Will Cochrane, the CIA's and MI6's most prized asset and deadliest weapon, has known little outside this world since childhood. And he's never been outplayed. So far …

Will's controllers task him with finding and neutralizing one of today's most wanted terrorist masterminds, a man believed to be an Iranian Revolutionary Guard general. Intending to use someone from the man's past to flush him out of the shadows, Will believes he has the perfect plan, but he soon discovers, in a frantic chase from the capitals of Europe to New York City, that his adversary has more surprises in store and is much more treacherous than anyone he has ever faced—and survived—up to now.

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