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The Impaler


From : This is an exceptionally detailed, well-thought out intellectual thriller that demands close attention; fast-reading it is not. Still, though it is creative and clever, and there are plenty of shocking, even horrific scenes, it seems to be missing something to make it exciting or, for lack of a better word, thrilling.

Synopsis (from the publisher): The crimes are barbaric. The victims are found in desolate rural areas, naked and impaled on long wooden stakes. There are no clues. No DNA evidence. Just a message, etched over and over again on one broken body: "I have returned". FBI Agent Sam Markham's last investigation ended with a serial killer's death and Sam's promotion. But back then, Sam had luck on his side. This time, the murderers' methods are evolving too fast, his bloodlust growing too swiftly. This time, no one is safe. With each mutilated body, new depths to The Impaler's brutality are revealed. And as the clues finally ship into place, Sam will discover how easy it is to cross the line from hunter -- to hunted.

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